What Is Winter Depression?
Winter Depression Is A Type Of Depression That Most Often Occurs During The Winter Months. It’s Been Said That About 25% Of People Who Experience Depression During The Winter Will Go On To Have Recurring Episodes Of Winter Depression. What Are Some Reasons For This?

What Are The Symptoms Of Winter Depression?

The Most Common Symptom Of Winter Depression Is A Decrease In Energy, Motivation And Pleasure In Life. Other Symptoms May Include Feeling Hopeless, Unmotivated, Slowed Down, A Decreased Appetite And Difficulty Sleeping. If You Are Experiencing Any Of These Symptoms, Please Seek Help From Your Doctor Or Therapist.

How Common Is Winter Depression?

Winter Depression Is Not Formally Recognized As A Mental Disorder By The American Psychiatric Association, But It Is Increasingly Being Recognized As A Real And Serious Problem. According To The National Institute Of Mental Health, Winter Depression Affects About One In Eight People In The United States During The Winter Months.

What Can You Do If You Experience Winter Depression?

Winter Depression Is A Condition That Can Happen During The Colder Months When People Don’t Have As Much Sunlight Or Activity. It’s Also Called Seasonal Affective Disorder (Sad).
There Are A Lot Of Things You Can Do To Help If You Experience Winter Depression, Especially If It’s Been Going On For A While. Here Are Five Tips:
Talk To Your Doctor: Your Doctor Can Find Out If There’s Anything Else Going On That Might Be Contributing To Your Mood Changes, And They May Be Able To Give You Some Different Treatments Or Medications To Help.
Stay Active: Even If You Don’t Feel Like Getting Out And Doing Things, Try To Take Part In At Least Some Light Activities Every Day. This Could Include Walking Around The Block, Taking A Short Walk In The Park, Or Doing Some Simple Household Chores.
Get Enough Sleep: If You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep, Your Mood Will Definitely Suffer. Try To Get At Least Seven Hours Of Sleep Every Night, Even If That Means Missing Some Nighttime Tv Or Bedtime Stories With Your Kids.
Avoid Using Drugs And Alcohol Excessively: Both Drugs And Alcohol Can Make Winter Depression Worse, So Try To

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