What is a mother tincture for leucorrhoea?
The mother tincture is a homeopathic remedy that is used to treat leucorrhoea. It is made from the dried tears of a mother who has had a baby. This remedy is thought to help heal the inflammation and drainage that occurs with leucorrhoea.

How does mother tincture work for leucorrhoea?

The mother tincture is a holistic treatment that uses plant-based ingredients to help soothe the symptoms of leucorrhoea. It is composed of various herbs and essential oils, which work together to improve the symptoms of leucorrhoea.
According to some studies, mother tincture can be effective in treating leucorrhoea due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It can also help improve the symptoms of constipation, as well as gas and bloating. Overall, mother tincture is a safe and effective treatment option for those suffering from leucorrhoea.


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