What is Witch-hunting?
In this section, I will be talking about witch-hunting. Witch-hunting is a term used to describe the persecution of innocent people. This persecution often takes place in religious contexts, and usually involves the use of torture. The article will discuss how there was an increased number of witch hunts in Europe during the 15th century due to a variety of factors such as the Black Death and Christianity’s influence on society. After the Black Death, witch hunts became more common in Europe. This is because people with odd beliefs were assumed to be witches, and they were persecuted for being different. “Witch hunts had become so prevalent in Europe during this period that the term itself became synonymous with persecutions of innocent people. “The persecution of witches was also influenced by the spread of Christianity in Europe. The article explains that Christianity “spread the belief that witches were the result of sin and needed to be hunted down.”

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