What Is Phobia Of Being Abandoned?
Phobia Of Being Abandoned Is A Fear Or Anxiety Disorder In Which A Person Has A Persistent And Intense Fear Or Anxiety That They Will Be Abandoned By Someone They Are Close To, Such As A Family Member, Friend, Or Romantic Partner. The Person May Also Have An Irrational Belief That Abandonment Will Occur.

Causes Of Phobia Of Being Abandoned?

Child Abandonment Is One Of The Most Devastating Experiences A Person Can Go Through. It Can Leave A Person Feeling Both Scared And Alone, Which Is Why It’s So Common For People To Develop A Phobia Of Being Abandoned. Here Are Some Of The Most Common Causes Of This Fear:
•living In An Environment Where Abandonment Is Common
•having A Mental Disorder That Makes Abandonment Feel Threatening
•having Experienced Trauma Or Abuse In Childhood
•finding It Difficult To Trust People
•being Emotionally Vulnerable
•feeling Like There’s Something Defective Or Wrong With You

Symptoms Of Phobia Of Being Abandoned?

There Are Many Symptoms Of A Phobia Of Abandonment, But Some Of The Most Common Include:
•recurrent Thoughts Or Images Of Being Abandoned Or Alone
•a Feeling Of Dread Or Fear When Thinking About Being Abandoned
•strong Emotional Reactions, Such As Crying Or Being Angry, When Abandonment Is Mentioned Or Imagined
•difficulty Concentrating Or Completing Tasks Because Of Anxiety About Abandonment
•sense That There Is Something Wrong With You Because You Can’t Shake The Fear Of Abandonment

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