What is the magic of Witchcraft?
Witchcraft is the use of supernatural or magical powers. It can be used to harm someone or to do good.
Witchcraft is often associated with black magic, which is the use of supernatural powers to cause harm, typically for selfish reasons. Witchcraft is a form of folk magic practiced by individuals and groups. Although the term “witchcraft” is often considered synonymous with black magic, and witchcraft with white magic, these terms are not interchangeable: one can be a practitioner of either spell. In this context, witchcraft refers to the traditional Western craft of achieving one’s goals through magical powers rather than just prayers or good deeds. Witchcraft is a broad term that includes several religious beliefs which are themselves contradictory and conflicting, but they all believe in a supernatural power that controls natural events. The most common belief associated with witchcraft is the idea of the witch as someone who practices malevolent magic and harmful spells to harm people or their property.

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