Period Headache ?
There’s Something About The Menstrual Cycle That Can Make People Feel Really Cranky. It’s Not Just The Usual Pms Symptoms – Mood Swings, Increased Irritability, And Trouble Sleeping. For Some Unlucky Women, Period Headaches Can Be A Real Problem.
Period Headaches Are Caused By Pressure On The Skull Or Due To Abnormal Blood Flow In The Head During Menstruation. They Can Be Mild Or Severe, But Most Women Experience Them At Least Once During Their Lifetime. Period Headaches Usually Go Away On Their Own Within A Few Days Or Weeks, But If They’re Persistent Or Bothersome, You May Want To See Your Doctor.

What Is Period Headache?

Period Headache Is A Type Of Headache That Most Often Occurs During The Monthly Cycle. It May Also Occur During Other Times Of The Month, But Is Particularly Common Around The Time Of Menstruation.
The Pain Is Typically Felt In One Or Both Temples And Can Be Accompanied By Nausea And Vomiting. Period Headaches Are Usually Mild, But They Can Be Debilitating And Disrupt Daily Activities.
There Is No Specific Cure For Period Headaches, But Treatments Include Medication, Rest, And Psychological Support. Depending On The Person’s Symptoms, A Specialist May Also Prescribe Surgery Or Therapy.

The Causes Of Period Headache

Period Headaches Are Common, And They Can Be Caused By A Number Of Things. Here Are The Top Five Causes Of Period Headaches:
1. Tension Headaches: Period Tension Headaches Are Caused When Tension In The Neck And Head Muscles Causes Pain In The Head Or Temples. Tension Headaches Tend To Come On Suddenly And Can Be Quite Severe. Treatment Options Include Relaxation Techniques, Medication, And Therapy.
2. Migraine Headaches: About One-Third Of Women Will Experience Migraine Headaches At Some Point In Their Lives, Which Is More Than Any Other Type Of Headache. Migraine Headaches Are Usually Preceded By A Period Of Increased Tension Or Feeling Overwhelmed. They May Also Be Accompanied By Visual Disturbances (Such As Bright Lights), Nausea And Vomiting, And Extreme Sensitivity To Sound Or Smells. Treatment Options Include Medication, Lifestyle Changes, And/Or Surgery.
3. Cluster Headaches: Cluster Headaches Are A Form Of Chronic Headache That Typically Occurs In Adults Aged 30 To 50 Years Old. They Usually Occur In Two Clusters Per Year And Can Be Quite Debilitating. The Cause Is Unknown, But Cluster Headaches Seem To Be Linked With Abnormal Blood Flow In The Brain. Treatment Options Include Medication, Lifestyle Changes, And/Or Surgery

Symptoms Of Period Headache

Period Headaches Are One Of The Most Common Types Of Headaches, And They Can Be Really Tough To Deal With. They Happen During Your Period, Which Is Usually Around The Time That Your Estrogen Levels Are Going Up. This Can Cause A Lot Of Tension In Your Neck And Head, Which Then Leads To Headache.
There Are A Few Things You Can Do To Try To Deal With Period Headaches. First, Make Sure You’re Getting Enough Rest. If You’re Feeling Pain All Day Long, It’s Hard To Get Any Sleep. Try To Get At Least Eight Hours Of Sleep Each Night, And Make Sure You’re Taking A Break During The Day If You Feel Like You’re Overwhelmed By The Pain.
Another Thing You Can Do Is Try To Relieve Some Of The Tension In Your Neck And Head. This Can Be Done By Doing Some Gentle Stretching Exercises Or By Using A Neck Pillow. You Can Also Try Acupuncture Or Massage Therapy For Tension Headaches. Finally, Make Sure You’re Taking Medications As Directed If You’ve Been Diagnosed With A Period Headache. There Are A Lot Of Different Options Available, So Talk To Your Doctor About What Might Work Best For You.

Prevention Of Symptoms Of Period Headache

When You’re Experiencing Your Monthly Cycle, There Are A Few Things That You Can Do To Help Prevent Any Symptoms Of Period Headache.
One Of The Most Common Symptoms Of Period Headache Is Throbbing Or A Pulsing Sensation In One’s Head. This Is Caused By Blood Flowing More Heavily And Rapidly Through The Brain During Your Period. You May Also Experience Pressure In The Temples, Nausea, And Vomiting. While There Isn’t Always A Specific Cause For These Symptoms, Many People Find Relief By Following Some Simple Tips To Reduce Their Risk Of Getting Period Headache.
Below Are Some Tips That Have Been Found To Help Relieve Period Headache:
Stay Hydrated: Drink Plenty Of Fluids Throughout The Day To Keep Your Body Well-Hydrated And Avoid Headaches. Avoid Sugary Drinks And Alcohol, Which Can Increase Your Risk Of Getting Headaches.
Avoid Caffeine: Caffeine Can Worsen Period Headache Due To Its Diuretic Properties. Limit Yourself To No More Than 200mg Per Day.
Avoid Stress: Stress Can Make Headaches Worse By Triggering An Increase In Blood Pressure And Heart Rate.

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