What is guided meditation?
Guided meditation is a form of relaxation and self-help that uses music, sound, and imagery to help you focus and relax. In guided meditation, you are guided by a practitioner who provides verbal instructions or a series of soothing sounds. The goal is to allow yourself to become deeply relaxed and focused, which can help improve your mood, health, mind and body.

Benefits of guided meditation

Guided meditation is one of the most popular forms of relaxation and has been used for centuries to promote physical and mental well-being. In today’s world, it has emerged as a powerful tool for healing the mind-body, and spirit. Guided meditation can help you to:
• Relieve stress and anxiety
• Enhance your concentration and focus
• Improve your sleep quality
• Reduce anxiety and depression symptoms
• Increase your sense of well-being and happiness
• Strengthen your relationship with yourself and others.

Many people do not recover from various treatments. Their physical and spiritual problems are not solved. Therefore, spiritual treatment for all such problems is considered to be very powerful and gives a positive result to the individual in a few hours.

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