What Is Fear Of Tiny Holes?
There Is A Fear Of Tiny Holes, Also Known As Petit Phobia. This Is A Disorder That Causes People To Have A Strong Fear Or Anxiety About Small, Enclosed Spaces Such As Toilets, Cupboards, And Other Places Where Objects Can Fit. The Cause Of This Fear Is Unknown, But It Seems To Be Inherited. There Is No Cure For Petit Phobia, But Treatments Can Help People Manage The Symptoms.

The Science Behind Fear Of Tiny Holes?

The Fear Of Tiny Holes Is Typically Sparked By Something That Happened To A Person When They Were Very Young. Often, This Something Traumatic Will Involve Being Underground Or In A Dark Place, And Seeing A Small Hole In The Ground. The Person Will Then Start To Associate These Small Holes With Danger And Begin To Fear Them.
The Root Of This Fear Likely Comes From Our Primitive Brain. When We Are In Danger, Our Brain Releases Chemicals Called Hormones Which Help Us Stay Alert And Move Away From Danger. One Hormone That Is Particularly Important In This Process Is Cortisol. Cortisol Helps Us Mobilize Our Muscles And Keep Our Heart Rate High To Flee From Danger. When We See A Small Hole, We May Remember Having Similar Experiences As A Child, And Cortisol Will Activate Our Old Memories Of Being In Danger. This Will Cause Us To Feel Scared And Anxious When We See A Small Hole Again.

Strategies To Overcome Fear Of Tiny Holes?

If You Find Yourself Avoiding Tiny Holes, There Is A Good Chance You Have A Fear Of Them. Fear Of Tiny Holes Can Be Extremely Debilitating And Can Keep You From Doing Things That You Enjoy. Here Are Some Strategies To Help Overcome Your Fear And Embrace Your Tiny Hole Enthusiast Side!
1. Recognize The Source Of Your Fear. What Triggers Your Anxiety Around Tiny Holes? Is It The Size Of The Hole Or The Uncertainty Of What Could Be Inside? Once You Understand Why You’re Scared, You Can Start To Work On Addressing It.
2. Practice Relaxation Techniques. When You’re Trying To Get Over A Fear, It’s Important To Relax Your Body And Mind. Techniques Like Deep Breathing, Progressive Relaxation, And Visualization Can Help Take The Focus Off Of The Scary Situation And Put It Into Something More Calming.
3. Talk About Your Fears With Someone Else. It Can Be Helpful To Talk About Your Fears With A Friend Or Therapist To Get Them Out In The Open And Make Them Less Intimidating. Talking About Fears Can Also Help You Learn How To Deal With Them In Future Situations.

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