What is Fear of the Sea Define?
Fear of the sea is a feeling of dread or apprehension that arises from a fear of drowning, being lost at sea or other dangers associated with water. This fear can paralyze a person, making it difficult to escape danger.
The fear of the sea can begin during childhood when people are first introduced to the ocean. These fears may become more pronounced as people grow older and learn more about the dangers of the sea.

Causes of Fear of the Sea?

There are many reasons why someone may have a fear of the sea. Some may be afraid of boats, water, or sharks. It is often difficult to pinpoint exactly what causes fear of the sea, but some possible reasons include:
•A traumatic experience at sea
•Personal feelings of vulnerability
•A feeling that the sea can be dangerous and unpredictable
•Fear of abandonment or not being able to escape

Symptoms of Fear of the Sea?

The fear of the sea is a very common phobia and can be described as a persistent and excessive fear of water. Common symptoms associated with this fear can include anxiety, panic attacks, a sense of dread or foreboding, racing heart, shortness of breath, and a fear of drowning.

How to overcome Fear of the Sea?

Fear of the Sea is a common fear and can be debilitating. Individuals with this fear may avoid any type of water, even in baths or showering. This fear can prevent them from traveling or participating in activities that involve water. Here are some ways to overcome Fear of the Sea:
•Talk about the fear and its effects with a trusted friend or family member. This will help you open up about what is going on and hopefully create a more open dialogue around the fear.
•Try cognitive therapy which helps change the way thoughts work. This therapy can help you to challenge your fears and develop healthier ways of thinking about water.
•Take short trips into water that are comfortable for you. Gradually increase the time spent in the water until you reach your desired level of comfort.

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