Eye Strain Headache ?
If You’re Like Most People, You Probably Spend A Lot Of Time Reading Online Articles Or Watching Videos. But If You’ve Ever Had An Eye Strain Headache, You Know That This Type Of Exposure Can Be Really Tough On Your Eyes.
You Might Think That Just Because You’re Reading Or Watching Something On A Computer Screen, That Your Eyes Are Safe From Strain. But That’s Not Always The Case. When You’re Looking At A Computer Screen, Your Eyes Are Constantly Moving From One Part Of The Screen To Another. And Since Your Eyes Don’t Have Time To Rest Between These Movements, They Can Get Very Tired And Strained.
The Good News Is That There Are Some Simple Steps That You Can Take To Protect Your Eyes When You’re Using A Computer Screen. First, Make Sure That The Screen Brightness Is Set At A Level That’s Comfortable For You. Second, Avoid Looking At The Computer Screen For Long Periods Of Time If You Can Help It. And Finally, Take Regular Breaks By Shutting Down Your Computer And Taking A Few Minutes To Relax Your Eyes.

Causes And Symptoms Of Eye Strain Headache

There Are Many Causes And Symptoms Of Eye Strain Headache. Here Are Just A Few:
Eyestrain Is Caused When Eyes Are Strained From Looking At Something For Too Long. This Can Be Due To A Number Of Factors, Including Working In Front Of A Computer All Day, Reading In Dim Light, Or Looking At A Bright Light Source.
Eye Pain Is One Of The Most Common Symptoms Of Eye Strain. It Can Be Felt As A Tenderness Or Pressure On The Inside Of The Eyelid Near The Nose.
Vision Problems Can Also Occur As A Result Of Eye Strain, Including Difficulty Seeing Close Up Or Blurry Images, Double Vision, And Blurred Edges In Objects.

Prevention Tips For Eye Strain Headache

Do You Suffer From Eye Strain Headaches? Here Are Some Helpful Prevention Tips To Help Minimize Your Chances Of Getting One:
1. Follow The 20/20 Rule. Keep Your Eyes Open For At Least 20 Seconds Every Two Minutes. This Will Help To Prevent Eyestrain And Headaches.
2. Use An Ice Pack Or Cold Compress On Your Temples For 10 Minutes Every Hour When You Start To Experience A Headache. This Will Reduce Inflammation And Pain.
3. Get Enough Rest. Avoid Working Or Spending Excessive Time On Screens In The Evening Or Early Morning Hours, When Your Headache Is More Likely To Occur. Try To Get At Least Eight Hours Of Sleep Every Night. This Will Help To Improve Your Overall Mood And Energy Levels, Which Can Also Help To Prevent Headaches.

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