What is anxiety ? Every anxious person wants an answer to this question۔ Anxiety is a state of Restlessness that seeks to inform a person about the damage being done to their body. In simple words it can be said that Anxiety is one such condition Which informs man about a harm done to his body. And the intimation of the loss makes the individual anxious.
When a person takes a lot of tension, the person is going to suffer because of it Our body informs us about that in the form of anxiety. In other words, anxiety is a reaction that results from excessive tension and stress.
When a person suddenly perceived bad news and the death of a loved one, the person becomes extremely stressed.
Some people get anxious here in case of any accident or due to loss.
But some people are constantly suffering from anxiety, which is a psychological problem called anxiety disorder. Such patients doesn’t bear noise of children , didn’t like crowds , can not handle difficult situations and also express intense anger due to anxiety. Anxiety, while alerting a person to a loss, also weakens a person’s nerves. The individual’s willpower is exhausted. He is restless all the time and this is the condition that makes him fail.

What is anxiety treatment ?

Anxiety can be caused by any complex damage to the body . The cause of anxiety in spirituality is considered to be black magic, evil eye and negative energy. So if you are suffering from anxiety and want to get rid of it, then put the divine talisman around your neck. You will soon be relieved of your mental anguish because of the divine Amulet.
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