What is a Paranormal Spirit?
Ghosts, goblins, poltergeists, and other supernatural beings are often mistakenly called “paranormal.” The term refers to any spirit or entity that exists outside the natural world. Paranormal entities can be benign or harmful, but all of them possess one common trait: they remain unidentified and unseen by most humans.

Types of Paranormal Activity?

Many types of paranormal activity can be experienced. Some people believe that there are spirits of the deceased that still haunt places, while others believe that evil entities such as ghosts, demons, and zombies exist. In either case, these spirits can be a cause for fear or awe.

How to Spot a Paranormal Entity?

Many things can go bump in the night, from ghosts to poltergeists. But what if you’re not sure whether an entity is paranormal or just an apparition? Here are five ways to tell the difference.
Apparitions typically only appear when someone is thinking about them or when they are specifically summoned. Ghosts, on the other hand, can be anywhere and at any time.
Poltergeists tend to cause disturbances like doors slamming and furniture moving, while ghosts usually just make themselves known by appearing out of nowhere or talking.
Spirits usually have a specific intention such as harming someone while apparitions are generally just restless or lost.
When you try to talk to an entity, it usually responds with vague or nonsensical phrases. With ghosts, however, you may be able to communicate with them more clearly if you know their name or story.
If you think you may have encountered a paranormal entity, don’t be afraid to contact a professional for help. There’s no harm in trying out some of these tips before calling on spirits experts!

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