What Are Sea Witches?

Sea Witches Are Women Who Practice Witchcraft, Typically On The Coast. They Use Their Powers To Control The Sea And Its Creatures, As Well As To Predict The Future.

There Are Many Different Versions Of Sea Witch Folklore Around The World. The Most Popular One Is That They Are Female Witches Who Live In The Ocean. They Have Power Over Storms And Can Shapeshift Into A Variety Of Animals, Such As Seals Or Fish. They Also Can Fly Using A Broomstick Or Cauldron And Have Been Known To Steal Children From Their Beds At Night. And Take Them On A Magical Journey. Some Legends Say They Are The Daughters Of The Sun Goddess, While Others Say They Are Fairies Who Live In The Ocean. Some Tales Claim That Sea Witches Can Shapeshift Into Seals Or Whales But Sometimes Into Mermaids Or Sirens.