What is a Black candle spell?
A black candle spell is a ritual that is used to bring in the darkness and negative energy. It is typically done at night, but it can also be done during the day.
The black candle spell is used to release all of the negative energy from your life. You should not do this if you are feeling depressed or suicidal. , or if you are not in a stable mental state. Take the black candle, and drip a small amount of water on it so that it is half-full. Light the wick with a match, or use your lighter to light it, and then place the lit candle either on your bed stand or somewhere away from flammable objects and combustible substances. While the candle is lit, chant “I bind this negativity to help me find my way” over and over in a low voice. Do not chant loudly or quickly, as you want to release all of the negative energy that you are feeling. You should do this spell daily until you feel better and you can release all of the negativity that is inside of your body. A “Black Candle” spell is typically used at night, but can also be done during the day.

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