Types of ADHD?
The most common type of ADHD is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). ADHD is a disorder that affects how a person behaves and thinks. It is characterized by problems with focus, hyperactivity, and impulsiveness. The symptoms can be very difficult to live with.
There are different types of ADHD that can affect different people in different ways. Here are some of the most common types:
Inattentive ADHD: This type of ADHD is characterized by problems with paying attention to details and staying focused on tasks. People with this form of ADHD may have trouble completing tasks or staying on track. They may also have trouble organizing their thoughts or remembering information.
Combative ADHD: People with this type of ADHD tend to be very impulsive and often act out in an aggressive manner. They may be quick to anger and have a difficult time controlling their emotions. They may also find it difficult to sit still for long periods of time.
Predominantly Inhibitory ADHD: This type of ADHD is characterized by problems regulating emotions and focusing on tasks. People with this form of ADHD often find it hard to stay calm and focused during class or work. 

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