What Is Weekend Migraine?
Most People Think Of Migraines As Debilitating, Recurring Headaches That Strike During The Weekend. But What Is A Weekend Migraine? And Is It That Different From Regular Migraine? In This Article, We’ll Explore The Difference Between These Two Types Of Migraines, And Tell You About Some Of The Causes And Treatments For Them.

What Are The Causes Of Weekend Migraine?

One In Five People Suffers From A Migraine On Weekends, And The Cause Is Still Unknown. However, Scientists Do Know That There Are A Few Things That Can Increase Your Risk For Migraine.
Some Of The Causes Of Weekend Migraines Include:
Environmental Triggers: Pollution, Bright Light, Noise, And Changes In Temperature Or Humidity Can All Trigger Migraines.
Hormonal Influences: Women Typically Experience More Migraines During Menstruation, And This May Be Due To Fluctuations In Estrogen Levels.
Physical Triggers: Some Foods, Drinks, And Activities Can Trigger Migraines. These Include Red Wine, Caffeine, Chocolate, Onions, And Spicy Foods.

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