What Is Crippling Phobia?
Phobia Is A Term Used To Describe An Intense Fear Or Anxiety Toward A Particular Object, Situation, Or Activity. According To The Anxiety And Depression Association Of America (Adaa), There Are 9 Types Of Phobias: Animal Phobia, Fear Of Heights, Fear Of Crowds, Fear Of Blood, Fear Of Flying, Fear Of Needles, Fear Of Spiders, And Agoraphobia.
While All Phobias Are Debilitating In Their Own Way, One Specific Type Of Phobia Is Crippling – That Is, It Significantly Limits A Person’s Ability To Lead A Normal Life. Phobia Of Flying Is The Most Common Crippling Phobia, Affecting About 18% Of The Population. People With This Type Of Phobia Often Avoid Traveling By Air Altogether Or Feel Panicked During Flights.

Causes Of Crippling Phobia?

There Is No One Definitive Cause Of The Crippling Phobia, But A Number Of Factors Are Believed To Contribute. Some Researchers Believe That The Fear May Be Caused By An Experience During Early Childhood That Was Traumatic Or Frightening. Other Experts Speculate That Some People May Be Predisposed To Developing This Type Of Anxiety Disorder.
Whatever The Cause, The Debilitating Phobia Can Severely Limit A Person’s Ability To Live A Normal Life. People With A Crippling Phobia Often Avoid Crowded Spaces, Heights, And Other Situations That Might Trigger Their Fear. In Extreme Cases, People With A Crippling Phobia May Become Housebound Or Even Institutionalized.
Fortunately, There Is Help Available For Those Who Suffer From A Crippling Phobia. A Variety Of Treatments, Including Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy And Medication, Can Effectively Treat The Disorder. In Most Cases, However, A Treatment Plan Must Be Tailored Specifically For Each Individual With Crippling Phobia.

Symptoms Of Crippling Phobia?

Symptoms Of Crippling Phobia Can Include Extreme Anxiety And Panic When Contemplating Any Movement Or Situation That Could Lead To A Fall Or Injury. People With A Crippling Phobia May Also Experience Intense Dread Or Terror When They Think About Themselves In A Wheelchair Or Other Immobilizing Clothing Or Gear.
Because The Fear Of Being Crippled Is So Intense, Sufferers Often Have Difficulty Functioning In Everyday Life. They May Avoid Going Outside, Work, And Other Activities Where They Might Be Injured. They May Also Find It Difficult To Socialize, As Their Fear Makes Them Feel Too Exposed And Vulnerable.
A Crippling Phobia Can Be Extremely Difficult To Treat, But There Are Various Techniques That Can Help Manage The Symptoms. These Might Include Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (Cbt), Which Helps People Change The Way They Think About Their Fears; Exposure Therapy, Which Helps People Gradually Face The Objects, Situations, And People That Trigger Their Fears; And Medication, Which Can Help To Relieve Anxiety And Panic Symptoms.

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