What Is Phobia Of Confined Spaces?
Phobia Of Confined Spaces Is An Intense Fear Of Enclosed Spaces, Such As Small Spaces, Closets, Or Stairwells. It Is A Type Of Anxiety Disorder That Affects 5% To 10% Of The Population. Those With A Phobia Of Confined Spaces Often Experience Panic And Intense Fear When Inside Such Spaces.

Causes Of Phobia Of Confined Spaces?

A Phobia Of Confined Spaces Is A Fear Or Anxiety About Being Enclosed In A Small Space, Such As A Closet, Or Even An Airtight Container. The Cause Of This Fear Is Unknown But May Stem From A Traumatic Experience Or An Innate Fear Of Being Trapped. Other Factors That Can Contribute To A Phobia Of Confined Spaces Include:
Having Claustrophobia
Suffering From Panic Disorder Or Other Anxiety Disorders
Having A Preoccupation With Small Spaces
Having Avoided Closed Spaces As A Child
Being Physically Restrained In A Confined Space

Symptoms Of Phobia Of Confined Spaces?

The Symptoms Of A Phobia Of Confined Spaces Can Vary Greatly From Person To Person, But The Most Common Symptoms Are Anxiety, Panic Attacks, And A Feeling Of Dread. People With A Phobia Of Confined Spaces May Also Have A Hard Time Breathing, Feel Dizzy Or Lightheaded, Or Have A Sense Of Being Trapped. Some People Also Experience Nausea Or Vomiting.

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