What Is Rebound Migraine?
Migraine, A Condition Characterized By Severe Pain In The Head And Neck, Is One Of The Most Common Headaches In The World. Although Research Is Ongoing To Find Out More About How Migraines Form, There Are Some Things That We Do Know For Sure. In This Article, We Will Explore The Rebound Migraine Syndrome, And What You Can Do To Prevent It From Happening To You.

Symptoms Of Rebound Migraine?

Rebound Migraine Is A Type Of Migraine That Occurs After The Person Experiences A Headache From Another Type Of Migraine. The Symptoms Of Rebound Migraine Are Usually More Severe Than The Symptoms Of The Other Type Of Migraine And May Include A New Headache, Nausea, And Vomiting.
There Is No One Definitive Cause For Rebound Migraine, But It Can Be Caused By Changes In Hormones, Stress, Or Genetics. Treatment Typically Includes Medication And Lifestyle Changes.

How Can Rebound Migraine Be Treated?

Rebound Migraine, Also Known As Secondary Migraine, Is A Type Of Migraine That Returns After The Person Has Had A Period Of Relief. This Can Occur After Taking Ibuprofen Or Other Painkillers For The Initial Migraine, Or After Using Certain Headache Medications Such As Triptans.
There Are Many Different Treatments For Rebound Migraine, But The Most Important Thing Is To Find A Treatment That Works For You. Some Treatments Include Using Over-The-Counter Medications, Seeing A Doctor, Using Medication Over Time, Or Using Acupuncture Or Chiropractic Care. Some People Also Find Relief From Using Complementary Therapies Such As Yoga Or Meditation.

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