What Is Purple Phobia?
Purple Is One Of The Most Popular Colors In The World. However, Some People Have A Fear Or Hatred Of Purple. This Phobia Is Called “Purple Phobia”. People With This Phobia Often Have Strong Reactions To Seeing, Hearing, Or Even Thinking About Purple. Some Common Symptoms Of Purple Phobia Include: Feeling Anxious Or Scared When Around Purple Objects, Experiencing A Physical Reaction Such As A Headache, Or Having A Hard Time Concentrating On Tasks That Involve Purple. There Is No Single Cause For Purple Phobia, But It Is Likely Due To A Combination Of Environmental And Personal Factors. Purple Has Had A Negative Association With Color Since Ancient Times Because It Was Often Associated With Royalty And Power. Today, Many People With Purple Phobia Avoid Wearing, Using, Or Even Seeing Anything Purple. However, There Is No Cure For Purple Phobia And Treatment Typically Focuses On Managing Symptoms.

Symptoms Of Purple Phobia?

Symptoms Of Purple Phobia Can Include Fear Or Aversion To The Color Purple, Intense Anxiety When Near Purple Objects Or People, And A Feeling Of Dread Or Terror When Thinking About Purple. It Is Important To Note That Not All People With Purple Phobia Experience All Of These Symptoms, And That The Severity Of Each Individual’s Symptoms Will Vary.
If You Are Experiencing Any Of The Symptoms Of Purple Phobia, It Is Important To Consult With A Doctor Or Mental Health Professional To Determine If There Is A Medical Explanation For Your Fears And Whether Or Not Treatment May Be Necessary.

How Can You Overcome Purple Phobia?

There Is No One Definitive Answer To Overcoming A Purple Phobia, As It Can Take A Variety Of Different Approaches Depending On The Person. However, Some Common Methods That May Help Include:
•educating Oneself About The Color Purple, Its History, And Its Meaning.
•talking About Purple Phobia With Friends And Family Members To Get Feedback And Support.
•challenging One’s Assumptions And Beliefs About The Color Purple.
•practicing Relaxation Techniques Such As Meditation Or Yoga To Ease Anxiety And Stress.
•engaging In Activities That Make You Feel Happy And Comfortable, Such As Painting, Writing, Or Spending Time With Loved Ones.

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