What Is Phobic Vertigo?
Phobic Vertigo Is A Debilitating Anxiety Disorder That Causes Fear Of Falling Or Being In An Unstable Environment. Sufferers Experience Intense Panic Attacks And A Feeling Of Dizziness Or Floating When They Are Around Heights Or In Potentially Harmful Situations.

Symptoms Of Phobic Vertigo?

Symptoms Of Both Forms Of Phobic Vertigo Vary From Person To Person, But They Usually Include:
•a Feeling Of Dizziness Or Spinning
•unsteadiness Or Awkwardness
•a Sense That You’re Going To Fall
•a Feeling Of Dread Or Terror
If You Experience Any Of These Symptoms, Please Consult Your Doctor As Soon As Possible.

How To Treat Phobic Vertigo?

If You Are Experiencing Phobic Vertigo, There Are A Few Things You Can Do To Help Relieve The Symptoms. The First Step Is To Identify The Triggers That Cause Your Vertigo. Once You Know What Causes Your Vertigo, You Can Begin To Take Steps To Avoid Those Triggers. Additionally, You May Need To Seek Medical Attention If The Symptoms Do Not Improve After Following These Steps.

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