What Is Asymmetriphobia Disorder?
Asymmetriphobia Disorder Is An Anxiety Disorder In Which Individuals Are Afraid Of Or Have A Strong Dislike Of One-Sidedness, Such As Feeling Left Out Or Unequal. Individuals With Asymmetriphobia May Feel That They Become Smaller And Weaker When The Situation Becomes One-Sided. They May Also Experience An Intense Fear Of Being In A One-Sided Relationship Or Being The Only Person In A Group.

Symptoms Of Asymmetriphobia Disorder?

Symptoms Of Asymmetriphobia Disorder May Include A Persistent Fear Or Anxiety Of Being In Situations In Which One Is Out Of Control Or Does Not Feel In Control, Such As Being In A Crowd, On An Airplane, Or At A Party. People With Asymmetriphobia Disorder May Also Avoid Specific Types Of Activities Or Places.

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