What Is Asymmetriphobia Disorder?
Asymmetriphobia Disorder Is An Anxiety Disorder In Which Individuals Are Afraid Of Or Have A Strong Dislike Of One-Sidedness, Such As Feeling Left Out Or Unequal. Individuals With Asymmetriphobia May Feel That They Become Smaller And Weaker When The Situation Becomes One-Sided. They May Also Experience An Intense Fear Of Being In A One-Sided Relationship Or Being The Only Person In A Group.

Symptoms Of Asymmetriphobia Disorder?

Symptoms Of Asymmetriphobia Disorder May Include A Persistent Fear Or Anxiety Of Being In Situations In Which One Is Out Of Control Or Does Not Feel In Control, Such As Being In A Crowd, On An Airplane, Or At A Party. People With Asymmetriphobia Disorder May Also Avoid Specific Types Of Activities Or Places.

Treatment For Asymmetriphobia Disorder?

Asymmetriphobia Is An Anxiety Disorder That Has Many Symptoms, Including A Fear Of Symmetry. Unfortunately, There Is Currently No Cure For This Disorder, But There Are Treatments That Can Help Manage It.
One Treatment Option Is Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (Cbt), Which Helps People Learn How To Reframe Their Fear Of Symmetry And Apply These New Strategies In Everyday Situations. Cbt Also Teaches People How To Relaxation Techniques And Problem-Solving Skills.
Other Treatments Include Exposure Therapy, In Which Individuals Are Gradually Exposed To Objects Or Situations That Trigger Their Fear Of Symmetry. This Type Of Therapy Can Be Helpful If The Individual Fears Symmetry In A Specific Situation, Such As Crossing The Street Or Going On A Date.
Finally, Medications Can Be Prescribed To Help Treat Asymmetriphobia. These Medications Typically Work By Reducing The Amount Of Anxiety The Person Experiences. Some Examples Of These Medications Are Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (Ssris) And Benzodiazepines.

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