What Is Tyramine Migraine?
Tyramine Is A Naturally-Occurring Compound Found In Many Food Items, Such As Meats, Cheeses, And Seafood. Some People May Be Particularly Susceptible To Developing Migraines After Eating Foods High In Tyramine. The Most Common Type Of Tyramine Migraine Is Known As A Classic Migraine, Which Is Characterized By Severe Headache, Nausea And Vomiting, Sensitivity To Light And Sound, And An Increased Heart Rate. If You’re Experiencing Any Of These Symptoms After Eating Foods High In Tyramine, Don’t Wait To See If They Improve – Get Treatment Right Away!

What Is Tyramine And Why Is It A Trigger For Migraines?

Tyramine Is A Naturally Occurring Chemical In Many Foods And Beverages. It’s Also Found In Some Over The Counter Drugs, Such As Cold Remedies And Headache Medications.
When Tyramine Is Consumed In High Doses, It Can Trigger Migraine Headaches. This Is Because Tyramine Can Stimulate The Release Of Histamines In The Brain. Histamines Are Chemicals That Play An Important Role In The Body’s Immune System. When Histamines Are Released, They Cause Inflammation And Pain In The Head And Neck Area.

Foods That Contain Tyramine And How To Limit Your Intake?

Tyramine Is A Naturally Occurring Amino Acid Found In Many Foods. It’s Also Produced By The Body During Protein Digestion. Some People Get Tyramine-Migraine Headaches When They Eat Foods That Contain Tyramine, Especially Aged Cheese, Salami, Ham, And Other Cured Meats. Here Are Some Ways To Limit Your Intake Of Tyramine:
•avoid Eating Large Amounts Of Tyramine-Rich Foods At One Time.
•limit Your Intake Of Aged Cheese, Salami, Ham, And Other Cured Meats.
•if You Get A Headache After Eating A Tyramine-Rich Food, Eat Small Portions Instead Of Trying To Avoid It All Together.

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