What Is Insomnia Due To Dementia ?
Insomnia Is A Common Problem In People With Dementia, But The Cause Is Unknown. Some Research Has Found That People With Dementia Are More Likely Than Other People To Have Sleep Problems, Including Insomnia. There Are Several Possible Reasons For This. One Theory Is That Insomnia May Be A Sign Of Overall Poor Health, And May Be Related To Problems With Memory, Communication, Or Movement. Another Theory Is That Insomnia May Be A Sign Of The Worsening Of Dementia.

How To Treat Insomnia In People With Dementia?

Insomnia Is A Common Problem For People With Dementia. There Are Many Treatments For Insomnia, But The Best Approach Depends On The Person’s Symptoms And Needs. Some Tips To Help Treat Insomnia In People With Dementia Include:
• Avoid Caffeine And Alcohol Late In The Night. These Drinks Can Make It Harder To Sleep.
• Avoid Working Or Studying Late Into The Night. This Can Stress Out Your Brain And Make It Harder To Fall Asleep.
• Make Sure Your Bed Is Comfortable And Dark. Exposure To Light Before Bedtime Can Disrupt Your Sleep Cycle.
• Stay Active During The Day. Exercise Releases Endorphins, Which Can Help You Relax And Fall Asleep At Night.

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