What Is Storm Phobia In Dogs?
Dogs Are Known For Their Loyalty And Love, But It’s Important To Be Aware Of The Dangers That Lurk When Outside In Bad Weather. Storm Phobia Is A Condition In Which Some Dogs Become Terrified Or Anxious During Thunderstorms Or Extreme Rainfall. If Your Dog Shows Signs Of This Fear, It’s Important To Get Him Checked Out By A Veterinarian To Rule Out Any Underlying Medical Conditions.

How To Reduce The Risk Of Your Dog Developing Storm Phobia?

1. Make Sure Your Dog Has Plenty Of Exercise During Thunderstorms. Storms Can Be A Very Scary Experience For A Dog And They Need To Be Able To Move Around And Get Their Energy Out. A Tired Dog Is Less Likely To Be Scared Or Anxious.
2. Be Patient With Your Dog During A Thunderstorm. Don’t Try To Force Them Outside Or Make Them Do Anything They’re Afraid Of. Let Them Calm Down On Their Own And Then Eventually You Can Take Them Outside After The Storm Has Passed.
3. Don’t Use Frightening Noises Or Words During A Thunderstorm. This Will Only Make Your Dog More Scared And Anxious. Instead, Try Using Soothing Noises Like “Coo” Or “Meow” To Help Him Feel Comfortable.
4. Provide A Safe Almost Dogs Have Some Form Of Fear Or Anxiety When It Comes To Storms, But If Your Dog Is Showing Signs Of Storm Phobia, You Need To Do Something To Help Them. Here Are Five Tips To Reduce The Risk Of Your Dog Developing Storm Phobia.

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