What Is Skin Trypophobia?
Skin Trypophobia Is An Anxiety Disorder In Which People Experience A Strong, Irrational Fear Of Small Holes Or Bumps On Their Skin.
People With This Condition Are Afraid Of The Sensation Of Having Something Crawling Under Their Skin. It Can Be Triggered By Any Number Of Things, Such As A Facial Piercing, A Rash, An Insect Bite, Or Even A Pimple.
Skin Trypophobia Is Not Classified As An Official Phobia And It’s Not Considered To Be Dangerous In Most Cases. However, People With This Condition May Avoid Certain Areas Of Their Body And May Also Have Difficulty Sleeping At Night Due To The Fear They Experience. Skin Trypophobia Is Very Closely Related To The Fear Of Holes. The Brain Can Be Conditioned As A Response To Seeing A Small Hole In An Otherwise Smooth Surface, Causing It To Respond With Fear And Anxiety When Exposed To Such Stimuli.

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