what is the Signs of high blood pressure of blood preshar ? Every brother or sister who is 30 years of age or older wants to know the answer to this question . You may be suffering from high blood pressure but you are not aware of it. You may be thinking your blood pressure is normal because you are feeling well, but did you know that most people with this disease do not experience any physical symptoms?
In fact, there are no Signs of high blood pressure that can be detected and it is only discovered when your health begins to suffer.

How does it feel to have high blood pressure?

Different people have different symptoms of high blood pressure. Some people with high blood pressure have headaches, nosebleeds, or difficulty breathing. These symptoms appear when blood pressure rises to dangerous levels over time.
What are the symptoms of severe hypertension?
If the blood pressure is higher than normal, there are some symptoms that should be considered. These symptoms include the following:
1 – Severe headaches
2- Nosebleed
3- Fatigue or confusion
4- Vision problems
5- Chest pain
6- Difficulty breathing
7- Irregular heartbeat
8- Blood in the urine
9- Pounding in your chest, neck, or ears

No Signs of high blood pressure

It is often the case that people think of other symptoms as Signs of high blood pressure, when in fact they do not. The following are symptoms that are not often associated with high blood pressure.
4-Trouble sleeping
5-Facial flushing
6-Blood spots in eyes
In case of high blood pressure, your doctor may prescribe various precautions. The doctor may instruct you to monitor your blood pressure more closely. Your doctor may also recommend lifestyle changes with medication to lower your blood pressure.
If left untreated, high blood pressure can lead to serious illnesses, including stroke, heart disease, kidney failure, and eye problems.

high blood pressure Spiritual Treatment

If you have high blood pressure, you do not have to be aware of it . Blood pressure is called the silent killer because sometimes the patient has no signs of high blood pressure .
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