What Is A Right Side Headache?

A Right Side Headache Is A Type Of Headache That Is Typically Felt On The Right Side Of The Head. This Type Of Headache Is Commonly Caused By A Variety Of Factors, Including Sinus Pressure, Tension Headaches, And Migraine Headaches. If You Experience Recurring Right Side Headaches, It’s Important To See A Doctor For An Evaluation. Your Doctor May Be Able To Provide You With Relief From Your Headaches By Adjusting Your Lifestyle Or Medical Treatments.

Causes Of Right Side Headaches

There Are Many Potential Causes Of A Headache On The Right Side, But Most Commonly These Headaches Are Caused By Tension In The Neck Or Jaw. Other Causes Can Include Problems With The Eye, Sinus, Or Ear. The Following Are Some Of The More Common Causes Of Right Side Headaches:

  1. Tension In The Neck Or Jaw
  2. Problems With The Eye, Such As Allergies, Glaucoma, Or An Infection
  3. Sinus Problems, Such As A Blocked Sinus Artery Or Infections Of The Sinuses
  4. Ear Problems Including Meniere’s Disease And Otosclerosis

Symptoms Of A Right Side Headache

There Are A Few Symptoms Of A Right Side Headache That Can Occur At Any Time, But They Usually Become More Frequent During The Summertime.Some Of The Most Common Symptoms Of A Right Side Headache Include: Pressure In The Forehead, Neck, And Temples; Sudden Feeling Of Pressure Or Pain In The Eyes;Pain In The Jaw Or Behind The Eyes;A Feeling Of Numbness Or Tingling On One Side Of The Head;A Ringing In The Ears.If You’re Experiencing Any Of These Symptoms, Please Consult Your Doctor.

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