What is the rational and scientific reality of spiritual healing and does spiritual healing work? The answer to these questions has been presented in this post for you, and your mind will be surprised by reading and understanding it.
So read this article carefully. It will be of great benefit to you.
Spiritual healing is the practice of believing in the unseen, and prayers, exorcises, and amulets are used for spiritual treatment.
Now we have tried to explain to you through scientific and rational arguments how prayers and amulets affect human life and benefit it.

Since when is spiritual healing?

Spiritual healing has been used in our world since the days when no medical science exist. And human beings did not know of any disease nor did they know the cure of any ailment. At that time, people used to get a breath from the elders only for their treatment and only because of the tail, people could get healing.
People believed that when an old man breathed his last, they would recover. And because of this belief, they were healed. There is a huge material reason behind the success of spiritual healing.
Which does not go unnoticed by ordinary people. And this is the material reason we will tell you in this article. You will also agree with it. According to medical science, there are many genes in one drop of our blood.
Because of these genes, our habits, thoughts, likes and dislikes, sadness, happiness, and emotions are formed. These genes in our blood belong to our ancestors.
That is, the genes from millions of years ago to our parents are present in every drop of our blood. In our ancestors whose genes overpower us, our habits are similar to theirs.
Some habits are obvious and many are hidden but they are. Now, if we go back thousands of years, we will find that all our ancestors were healed only by spiritual treatment.
This was because they believed in spiritual healing. The same belief is passed down from generation to generation, including in our blood today. That is why this day we must consciously or unconsciously believe in spiritual healing. Those who say that we do not believe in spiritual healing are unconsciously believing in spiritual therapy in some way.
Because his ancestors believed in spiritual healing and the genes of his ancestors are in his blood. That is, how is it possible that you put milk in a pot but biscuits came out of that pot?
This means that every human being in the world must consciously or unconsciously accept the authenticity of spiritual treatment. An example of this is that none of us saw the giants but all of us are afraid of the giants. This is because our forefathers were afraid of the giants.
Spiritual healing allows us to believe in an unseen and powerful being. In this way, there is faith in our blood that there is someone in the unseen who will help us.
Belief is related to the power of immunity.
Today we have the power of our faith to work hard and strive for success.
Our faith is in us outwardly. But we also have the power to believe in our ancestors, which is not active. At times, we lose the strength of our faith, which in turn weakens our immune system. due to the weakness of immunity, we lose our ability to cope with the disease. also, we lose our Courage, enthusiasm, and thinking ability to do something good. Sometimes even after taking medicines, the immune system of the person does not work correctly.
This is the time when the person needs spiritual treatment. As soon as a person is spiritually healed, the power of belief of his ancestors within the individual becomes active and gives him new strength. Due to this the individual’s power of immunity gets a warrior and this warrior activates the power of immunity of the individual and sources new life for the individual. You have often seen that a person who takes his last breath of life is miraculously healed by someone’s prayer . The logic behind this is that your ancestors believed in prayer.
Talisman, exorcise, prayer are all methods of spiritual healing . If these treatments were to disappear from the world, countless people in the world could die a painful death. But spiritual healing can never end with the world. It has been present in every religion and every region in some way or another and will always be present. Because those things end always which didn’t give benefit humanity. Spiritual healing has always benefited humanity. Spiritual healing is the belief in a powerful being in the unseen. In other words, we can say that spiritual healing is the name of repairing the immune system within a person, which strengthens one’s faith.
We have made clear to you the truth of spiritual healing from a rational and medical point of view. And that’s exactly what we said. No one can disprove our theory with any argument or logic. Yes, if a person has a habit of calling a crow white.
So there is no spiritual treatment for it.

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