How we can get protection from succubus?
Succubi are an ancient mythological race that can take the form of a human. They are known for seducing men and drawing energy from them.
To protect themselves from succubi, one can wear a cross or carry a bible with them. One should also avoid looking at the demon in the eye, as it will be able to get into your soul and make you do sinful things. A succubus appears in the novel “The Amaranth” by Catherynne M. Valente, who is a girl living in a place called the Haunted Lands. The protagonist of the story, Amaranth, is given to believe that she is a succubus when she meets her mother for the first time. Her mother takes her to a place called the Dwelling of the Succubi, but when Amaranth is there, she “is ambushed by a pair of human eyes. “The word “succubus” is also used to refer to a powerful woman who preys on men to extract sexual gratification. In folklore, succubi are often depicted as having cat-like mouths, entwined with long tongues, and are often demons and witches themselves. Some succubi in modern fiction are depicted as having wings.

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