What Is Postpartum Blues?
After Giving Birth, Many Women Experience A Period Of Postpartum Blues Or Postpartum Depression. Although Not All Women Experience These Symptoms, If You Are Feeling Down And Lost After Giving Birth, Read On For Information On What Postpartum Blues Are And How To Get Through Them.

What Are The Different Types Of Postpartum Blues?

Postpartum Blues Are A Common And Normal Reaction To Childbirth, But They Can Vary In Intensity And Duration. They Can Range From Mild Feelings Of Sadness, Loneliness, And Fatigue To More Severe Symptoms Such As Feelings Of Intense Anger Or Physical Pain.
There Is No One Specific Cause For Postpartum Blues, But They May Be Exacerbated By Factors Such As:
• Being Isolated From Family Or Friends During The Postpartum Period
• Feeling Overwhelmed By The New Responsibilities
• Inadequate Support From The Health Care Provider
• Difficulty Adjusting To The New Schedule
Postpartum Blues Can Last Anywhere From A Few Days To Several Weeks, But Most Often They Last Around Two Weeks. If You Feel Like You’re Experiencing Significant Symptoms Of Postpartum Blues, Talk To Your Health Care Provider About What Might Be Causing Them And What You Can Do To Manage Them.

What Can You Do To Overcome Postpartum Blues?

There Is No One-Size-Fits-All Answer To Overcoming Postpartum Blues, As Each Woman’s Experience Will Be Unique. However, Some Interventions That Have Been Found To Be Helpful For A Majority Of Women Include Talking With A Therapist, Participating In Group Therapy, Reading Self-Help Books Or Articles, And Taking Medication. Additionally, Many Mothers Find Relief From The Blues By Engaging In Activities That Make Them Happy Such As Spending Time With Their Partner Or Children, Doing Things They Enjoy Outside Of The House, And Painting Or Writing.

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