PMS stands for premenstrual syndrome .It is a combination of some symptoms which appear in a female before their monthly cycle. Usually, a lot of females experience these signs from one week to more than it before periods. But if any female feels all these symptoms throughout the month, then she needs to treat it on time.

pms symptoms

Now we tell you the signs of premenstrual syndrome. premenstrual syndrome symptoms appear in every female according to her health. These symtoms female experience 7 to 10 days before their periods. Her breast becomes tender. She feels pain in her breast. A few days before the periods, the female also gets likoria. She has a headache. His mood starts to deteriorate. There is a pain in her muscles. She becomes irritable. She also feels less hungry. She does not sleep well. She feels severe bloating in her abdomen area. She suffers from depression and anxiety. She gets very emotional and makes her cry. She didn’t pay attention to anything. These are the common sign that every woman experience before her menstruation period. But if any woman feels these symptoms for more than 15 days. Then it is the severity of the premenstrual syndrome. Which hurt females mentally, emotionally, and physically. Many females also suffer from these things because of evil eyes, bad spirits, and magic issues. So it’s important to get treatment from a doctor and also pay attention to spiritual healing as well.

Spiritual treatment for PMS

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