What Is Fear Of Falling Phobia?
Fear Of Falling Is An Anxiety Disorder That Causes A Person To Feel Fear Or Dread When They Think About Or Anticipate A Fall. It Can Be Debilitating, Preventing People From Living Their Lives To The Fullest.

Causes Of Fear Of Falling?

Fear Of Falling Is A Common Fear That Many People Experience. There Are Many Reasons Why Someone Might Be Afraid Of Falling, But Some Of The Most Common Reasons Are As Follows:
•traumatic Experience In Which Someone Fell Or Was Near To Falling
•feeling Unsteady Or Unsafe On Feet
•feeling Like You Could Not Cope With Losing Balance Or Staying Safe In An Unstable Situation
•perceiving Falls As Dangerous Or Threatening
•feeling Like You Are A Danger To Yourself Or Others When Falling

Symptoms Of Fear Of Falling?

Phobia Is Defined As An Irrational And Intense Fear Or Anxiety Of A Particular Object Or Situation. Symptoms Of A Fear Of Falling May Include Feeling Dizzy, Lightheaded, Or Unsteady When Standing, Walking, Or Even Sitting; Feeling Like You Are Going To Faint; Experiencing Heart Palpitations, And Having Trouble Breathing. There Is No One-Size-Fits-All Approach To Treating A Fear Of Falling Phobia, But Some Things That May Help Include:
See A Doctor Or Therapist Who Can Assess The Severity Of The Fear And Develop A Treatment Plan Specific To Your Needs.
Take Steps To Reduce The Anxiety Caused By The Fear (For Example, Practicing Graded Exposure Exercises).
Use Prescribed Medications (Such As Antidepressants) If Needed.
Seeking Support From Friends And Family Members Who Are Willing To Listen And Offer Encouragement.

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