What Is Dysthymia Depression?
Dysthymia Is A Type Of Depression That Can Last Anywhere From 2 Weeks To 6 Months. It Is Characterized By A Low Mood Most Of The Time And A Lack Of Interest In Activities That Were Once Enjoyable.

Dysthymia Is Not A Mental Ollness?

Dysthymia Is A Long-Term Mood Disorder That’s Characterized By Low Mood, Low Self-Esteem, And Fatigue. Dysthymia Is Not Classified As A Mental Illness, But It Shares Some Common Characteristics With Other Mental Illnesses. For Example, People With Dysthymia May Have Problems Concentrating, Feeling Motivated, And Making Decisions.
Dysthymia Is Also Associated With Several Physical Symptoms, Including Difficulty Sleeping, Weight Gain Or Loss, And Difficulty Maintaining Relationships.
There’s Currently No Cure For Dysthymia, But Treatment Options Include Medication And Counseling.

Dysthymia Symptoms?

Dysthymia Is A Type Of Depression That Can Be Chronic And Roller Coaster-Like, With Periods Of Increased Energy And Activity Followed By Periods Of Decreased Energy And Motivation. It Is Important To Remember That Dysthymia Is Not Just A Feeling Of Melancholy – It Is A Real Medical Condition With Specific Symptoms.

Symptoms Of Dysthymia Include

• Low Energy
• Fatigue
• Poor Concentration
• Irritability
• Sleep Problems

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