What Is Period Migraine?
A Migraine Is A Type Of Headache That Is Caused By An Increase In Pressure In The Skull. This Pressure Is Often Caused By Inflammation And Swelling In One Or More Areas Of The Head. Period Migraines Are Different From Other Types Of Migraines In That They Tend To Occur During Certain Phases Of The Menstrual Cycle, Such As Ovulation.

What Are The Symptoms Of Period Migraine?

Period Migraine Is A Type Of Migraine That Usually Starts Around The Time Of Menstruation And Can Last For Up To Three Days. Symptoms Can Include Throbbing, Pressure, Sensitivity To Light And Sound, Nausea, Vomiting And Diarrhea.

What Is The Cause Of Period Migraine?

Period Migraine Is A Disorder That Affects Women During Their Menstrual Cycle. The Condition Is Caused By Hormones, Including Estrogen And Progesterone, Which Can Trigger A Headache. Other Factors That May Contribute To Period Migraine Include Stress, Caffeine And Alcohol Consumption, Sleep Deprivation And Migraines In The Past.
There Are Several Treatments Available For Period Migraine, Including Medications And Lifestyle Changes. Treatment Options May Depend On The Severity Of The Symptoms.
If You Are Experiencing Period Migraine, It’s Important To Seek Out Help From Your Doctor. They Can Prescribe Medications Or Recommend Lifestyle Changes That May Help Reduce Symptoms.

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