What Is Perinatal Depression?
Perinatal Depression Is A Serious Mental Health Condition That Can Occur During Pregnancy, Shortly After The Birth Of A Baby, And Up To One Year After The Baby’s Birth. It’s Important To Know What Perinatal Depression Is So That You Can Identify It And Get Help If You Or Your Loved One Are Experiencing It.

What Are The Symptoms Of Perinatal Depression?

Perinatal Depression Is A Serious Mental Health Condition That Can Affect Any Stage Of Pregnancy, Including The Early Weeks, Middle Months, And Later Stages. It’s Often Diagnosed In Late Pregnancy Or After The Baby Is Born.
The Symptoms Of Perinatal Depression Can Vary From Person To Person, But They Typically Include Feelings Of Sadness, Hopelessness, Isolation, And Difficulty Concentrating Or Sleeping. These Feelings May Get Worse Over Time, And Can Lead To Problems With Relationships, Work, And Everyday Activities.
It’s Important To Get Help If You Think You Might Be Experiencing Perinatal Depression. There Are Many Resources Available To Pregnant Women And Their Families In The United States, Including Hotlines And Websites Devoted To Perinatal Mental Health. If You Need Assistance In Finding A Facility Or Program Near You, Don’t Hesitate To Reach Out For Help.

How Is Perinatal Depression Diagnosed?

Depression During Pregnancy Is Often Misdiagnosed As Being “Just A Mood Swing.” The First Step In Diagnosing Perinatal Depression Is Trying To Determine The Cause Of The Woman’s Symptoms. If The Woman Has A Clear History Of Major Depression, Her Doctor Can Usually Rule Out Other Causes And Diagnose Perinatal Depression Based On The Woman’s Symptoms And History.
Perinatal Depression Is Diagnosed When A Woman Has Symptoms That Last At Least Six Months And Significantly Interfere With Her Ability To Live A Normal Life. Symptoms May Include Feelings Of Sadness, Hopelessness, Guilt, Anxiety, Or Irritability; Poor Appetite Or Weight Loss; Problems Sleeping; Fatigue; Feelings Of Worthlessness Or Guilt; Difficulty Concentrating Or Making Decisions; And Thoughts About Suicide Or Dying.
There Are Many Possible Causes Of Perinatal Depression. It Can Be Caused By Significant Changes In A Woman’s Life After She Gets Pregnant, Such As A Change In Responsibilities Or A Difficult Childbirth. It Can Also Be Caused By Something That Happened During The Pregnancy, Such As Exposure To Alcohol Or Drugs During The Pregnancy Or Violence At Home. Sometimes Perinatal Depression Is Inherited From A Parent.

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