Perimenopause wreaked havoc on your mental health, your sleep, and your sex drive. It also wreaks havoc on your physical health, including a high risk for bone fractures and heart disease.
The word “perimenopause” is derived from the Greek word “peri”, meaning around or about, and the Latin word “menopause”, meaning cessation of menstruation. The medical definition of perimenopause is the period before menopause when a woman’s menstrual cycle becomes irregular or stops altogether.
The symptoms of perimenopause vary widely depending on how close you are to menopause. Some women experience only mild symptoms while others have severe symptoms that disrupt their lives significantly. .-Irregular periods, less than 2 cycles per year or amenorrhea-Fluid retention and weight gain (due to hormonal imbalances)-Hot flashes/night sweats/cold intolerance-Hair loss or hair thinning (due to hormonal imbalances)-Depression, anxiety, insomnia and irritability -Memory loss-Mood changes and forgetfulness-Loss of libido, diminished sex drive good news is that most women experience perimenopause symptoms for less than 2 years.
A lot of females suffer from menopause perimenopause symptoms in their fertility age due to the effects of negative energy. because negative energy destroys female personal hygiene by causing s-related issues.

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