What is Paranormal Captivity?
Paranormal captivity is when a spirit or paranormal entity attaches itself to a living person, often taking control of their body. This can be done through mind control, possession, or even coercion. It can result in serious psychological and physical harm, as well as lasting trauma.

Types of Paranormal Captivity?

There are many types of paranormal captivity and some are more common than others.
Some people who are taken captive by ghosts or other supernatural beings find themselves held against their will in a place they cannot escape from. This can be a haunted house, an abandoned building, or even an isolated spot in the woods.
Others find themselves in situations where they are not sure if they are actually being held against their will or if they are simply experiencing something that is not entirely real. This can be a situation where someone is experiencing sleep paralysis, or when they have spontaneous out-of-body experiences.
In either case, the victim may feel like they are trapped and unable to escape.

Symptoms of Paranormal Captivity?

Several symptoms can indicate someone is being held against their will by a paranormal entity. Some of the most common signs include:
•A feeling of being trapped or confined
•Fear and paranoia
•A feeling of being watched or monitored constantly
•Fear of the dark or spiritual entities
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