What Is Sedate Phobia?
A Sedate Phobia Is A Condition That Is Caused By Fear Of Being Inactive Or Passive. It Can Be Accompanied By Other Anxiety Disorders, Such As Social Phobia And Panic Disorder. The Fear Can Cause Sufferers To Avoid Any Situations In Which They Feel They Might Have To Be Inactive, Such As When They Are At A Movie Theater Or In A Large Group Of People.

Types Of Sedate Phobia?

A Sedate Phobia Is A Fear Of Being Sedated. It Can Be Subdivided Into Three Types:
Retrograde Sedate Phobia, Also Known As Agoraphobia Of Anesthesia Or General Anesthesia Phobia, Is A Fear Of Going Under General Anesthetic (I.E. Surgery).
A Medicated Sedate Phobia Is A Fear Of Being Given Medication That Will Make You Sleepy (Such As Valium Or Xanax).
An Anxiolytic Sedate Phobia Is A Fear Of Being Sedated With An Anxiolytic Drug, Such As Diazepam (Valium), Lorazepam (Ativan), Or Alprazolam (Xanax).
Sedate Phobias Can Be Debilitating And Affect All Aspects Of Life, From Work And School To Social Interactions And Traveling. They Are Also One Of The Most Common Phobias, Affecting Up To 15 Million People In The United States Alone.

Causes Of Sedate Phobia?

There Could Be Many Reasons Why Someone Might Have A Fear Of Being Too Sedate, But Some Potential Causes Include: Witnessing Or Experiencing An Event That Caused A Traumatic Reaction In Which They Felt Too Calm Or Passive (Such As A Car Crash), Having Been Diagnosed With A Personality Disorder That Includes Symptoms Of Being Too Sedate Or Inheriting The Personality Trait From A Family Member.

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