What Is Iatrophobia?
Iatrophobia Is A Disorder That Is Characterized By Fear Of Doctors, Hospitals, Or Other Medical Facilities. People With This Disorder Often Avoid Any Medical Attention Or Treatments, Fearing That They Will Experience Anxiety, Panic, Or Other Negative Reactions. Iatrophobia Can Also Lead To Avoidance Of Open Spaces, Such As Airports And Parks.
There Is No Known Cure For Iatrophobia, But Treatment May Include Therapy, Medication, And Psychological Counseling.

Causes Of Iatrophobia?

Iatrophobia Is A Fear Of Going To The Hospital Or Having To Visit One. It’s Not Clear What Causes It, But Some Researchers Think It May Be Related To A Person’s Experience With Hospitals Or Medical Procedures As A Child.

Symptoms Of Iatrophobia?

Iatrophobia Is A Fear Of Hospitals Or Medical Settings. Many People With This Disorder Experience Significant Anxiety When Near Hospitals Or Doctors’ Offices. Some People Also Have A Fear Of Blood Or Needles.
There Is No One Set Cause For Iatrophobia, But It May Stem From A Traumatic Experience Or Feeling Of Being Powerless Or Trapped In A Situation. If You’re Struggling With Symptoms Of Iatrophobia, It’s Important To Seek Out Professional Help.

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