Ophthalmic Migraine ?
Ophthalmic Migraine (Om) Is A Relatively Rare Condition That Affects The Optic Nerve. Symptoms Of Om Can Include Pain, Redness, And Vision Problems In One Or Both Eyes. Diagnosis Is Based On A Clinical History And Examination By An Ophthalmologist. Treatment Typically Includes Medications And/Or Eyeglasses. Om Occurs In Approximately 1 Percent Of The Population, Making It One Of The Most Prevalent Migraine Variants.

What Is An Ophthalmic Migraine?

Ophthalmic Migraine Is A Headache That Is Caused By Pain In The Eye. This Pain Can Be Caused By A Number Of Different Things, But It Is Usually Brought On By Something That Irritates The Eye, Such As A Bug, A Windstorm, Or Sun Exposure. The Pain Can Be So Bad That It Can Make It Difficult To See.

Symptoms Of Ophthalmic Migraine

There Are Many Symptoms Of Ophthalmic Migraine, Which May Cause Discomfort Or Pain In The Eyes. Some Common Symptoms Include:
1. Eye Pain
2. Redness Or Discharge In The Eyes
3. Vision Changes, Such As Seeing Spots Or Blurred Vision
4. Pounding Or Stabbing Pains In The Head Or Neck
5. Nausea And Vomiting
6. Difficulty Breathing
7. Anxiety Or Depressiona

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