What Is Somniphobia Disorder?
Somniphobia Disorder Is A Mental Disorder That Causes An Intense Fear Of Sleep Or Dreams. People With This Disorder May Have Very Strong Reactions To Even The Slightest Exposure To Sleep-Related Stimuli, Such As Pictures, Sounds, Or Smells That Remind Them Of Sleep.

Smptoms Of Somniphobia Disorder?

One Of The Most Common Symptoms Of Somniphobia Disorder Is A Fear Of Sleep. People With Somniphobia Disorder Often Have Trouble Falling Asleep Or Staying Asleep, Even When They Are In Comfortable Surroundings. They May Experience Intense Anxiety And Panic When Trying To Fall Asleep, Or They May Wake Up Frequently During The Night.
Other Symptoms Of Somniphobia Disorder Can Include Panic Attacks In Response To Thoughts Or Images About Sleep, Excessive Worry About Sleep, Extreme Difficulty Concentrating During Sleep, And Recurrent Nightmares About Sleep.
Although There Is No Cure For Somniphobia Disorder, Treatment Typically Includes Counseling And Therapy. People With Somniphobia Disorder Should Also Make Sure To Get Regular Exercise And Spend Time Socializing Outside Of Bedtime.

Causes Of Somniphobia Disorder?

Somnia Is A Sleep Disorder That Refers To Difficulty Falling Asleep Or Staying Asleep. It Can Be Caused By A Variety Of Things, Including Stress, Anxiety, And Jet Lag. People With Somniphobia May Have Trouble Sleeping No Matter What They Do.
Somniphobia Is A Fear Of Sleep Or Sleepiness. It Can Be Difficult To Diagnose, Because People With The Disorder May Not Realize That They Have It. Somniphobia Can Interfere With Daily Life, And People With The Disorder May Avoid Situations Where They Might Have To Sleep (Such As Work Or School).
There Is No One Cause Of Somniphobia. It Is Thought To Result From A Combination Of Genes And The Environment. Some Things That May Contribute To The Development Of Somniphobia Include:
Stressful Life Events
A Family History Of Sleep Disorders
Having A Psychological Disorder Such As Anxiety Or Depression
Having Low Self-Esteem
Having A Traumatic Experience Related To Sleep (Such As Being Raped While Sleeping)

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