What Are The Symptoms Of Anxiety And Depression?
There Are A Few Key Symptoms Of Anxiety And Depression That Can Vary From Person To Person, But Generally, Anxiety And Depression Cause A Range Of Physical And Emotional Symptoms.
Emotional Symptoms Of Anxiety And Depression Can Include: Feeling Tense Or Anxious All The Time, Feeling Overwhelmed By Fear Or Worry, Intense Feelings Of Sadness Or Emptiness, Difficulty Concentrating On Tasks, And Feeling Irritable Or Angry More Often Than Usual.
If You’re Experiencing Any Of These Symptoms – Even If They’re Mild – It’s Important To Talk To Your Doctor. They May Be A Sign That You Have Anxiety Or Depression, And Treatment Can Help Ease Your Symptoms.

How Can You Identify If You Have Anxiety Or Depression?

There Are Many Symptoms Of Anxiety And Depression, But Not All People With These Disorders Experience All Of Them. Some People May Only Experience A Few Symptoms While Others May Experience Many.
If You Are Experiencing Any Of The Following Signs And Symptoms, It May Be Time To Talk To Your Doctor Or Mental Health Therapist:
Depression: Feeling Hopeless, Constant Sadness, Low Mood, Loss Of Interest In Activities, Feeling Worthless Or Guilty
Anxiety: Feeling Nervous, Tense, Quick To Panic, Difficulty Sleeping Or Concentrating, Feeling Like Everything Is A Threat
Stress: Feeling Overwhelmed, Constantly On The Go, Problems Balancing Work And Personal Life
If You Are Experiencing Any Of The Following Signs And Symptoms More Than Once A Month And They Are Causing Significant Distress Or Impairing Your Daily Life, It Is Likely That You Have An Anxiety Or Depression Disorder. It Is Important To Seek Help As Soon As Possible.

•recurring Thoughts About Death Or Suicide
•recurring Nightmares Or Flashbacks
•frequent Unexpected Violent Outbursts
•a Constant Sense Of Dread Or Fear

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