What Is A Migraine Without Aura?
Migraine Without Aura Is A Type Of Migraine That Does Not Typically Include Aura Symptoms, Such As Visual Disturbances Or Altered Sense Of Smell. This Type Of Migraine Is Often More Severe Than Those With Aura, And Can Sometimes Lead To More Serious Complications.

Types Of Migraines With Aura?

Migraines Without Aura Are The Most Common Type Of Migraine. They Account For Around 75% Of All Migraines. Auras Are A Hallmark Of Migraine With Aura, And Can Indicate The Presence Of An Impending Headache, Or Even A Stroke. Auras Can Be Seen In Different Colours, Including Red, Yellow, White, And Green. They Typically Appear Before The Headache Itself, And Usually Dissipate Within Minutes Or Hours After Onset.

Symptoms Of A Migraine Without Aura?

Migraine Is A Headache Disorder That Occurs When The Blood Flow To Your Brain Is Disturbed. Symptoms Of A Migraine Without Aura Can Include Headache, Nausea, Vomiting, And Vision Changes. Although Most People With Migraines Also Experience Aura, Which Is A Neurological Phenomenon That Typically Precedes The Headache, Not All People With Migraines Have Aura.
There Is No One Cause For Migraine, But Many Factors May Contribute. Some Of These Include: Genetics, Lifestyle Choices (Including Diet And Exercise), Environmental Factors (Including Pollution And Stress), And Health Conditions (Such As Hypertension Or Thyroid Disease).
While There Is No Cure For Migraines, There Are Treatments Available That Can Help Lessen The Severity Of The Symptoms. If You Experience Any Of The Symptoms Of A Migraine Without Aura, Talk To Your Doctor About What Might Be Causing The Problem.

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