What Is A Migraine Vision Problem?
Migraine Is A Disabling Condition That Afflicts More Than 15 Million Americans. Symptoms Can Include Severe Headache, Vomiting, Sensitivity To Light And Sound, And Temporary Blindness. More Than Half Of Migraineurs Also Experience Visual Disturbances, Which Can Range From Mild Discomfort To Total Blindness.
Although The Cause Of Migraines Is Unknown, Many Believe That Vision Problem Are A Major Contributor To The Disorder. Up To 60% Of Migraine Sufferers Experience Some Form Of Visual Disturbance During An Attack.
According To The National Institutes Of Health (Nih), Visual Disturbances Can Occur In Any Area Of Your Field Of Vision, Including Your Central Vision (Where You See The Center Of Your Screen), Your Peripheral Vision (Where You See Things To Your Side), And Your Eye Movement (How Well You Can Move Your Eyes).

Is Migraine Effect Vision?

Migraine Vision Problem Is A Common Symptom Of Migraine. It Is Also Known As Visual Aura, Photophobia, And Headache-Associated Vision Problem. The Problem Usually Starts With A Flashing Or Rotating Pattern That Gradually Becomes More Pronounced. People With Migraine Often Find It Hard To Focus On Anything In Particular And May Have Trouble Reading Or Driving.

Causes Of Migraine?

A Migraine Vision Problem Can Be Due To A Variety Of Reasons, Some Of Which Are Listed Below:
Environmental And Lifestyle Factors: Migraine Is More Common In People Who Are Exposed To Bright Light Or Noise Frequently. These Things Can Trigger A Migraine Attack.
Hormonal Changes: Women Have A Higher Incidence Of Migraines, Possibly Because Of Hormonal Changes During Menstruation.
Headache Triggers: Other Things That Can Cause Headaches And Migraines Include Strong Smells, Food Additives, Caffeine, Weather Changes (Such As Wind Or Humidity), And Stress. People With Migraine Often Find That Certain Types Of Food Or Drink Aggravate Their Headaches.
Vascular Factors: Arteries Carrying Blood To The Brain May Become Swollen In People With Migraines. The Increased Pressure Can Damage The Blood Vessels Near The Optic Nerve. This Damage Can Cause Vision Problems In People With Migraine.

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