What Is Midas Migraine?
The Name Midas Migraine Is Derived From The Greek God Of Wealth, Who Is Said To Have Had A Gift Of Turning Everything He Touched Into Gold. This Type Of Migraine Is Characterized By Severe Throbbing And Pounding In One Or Both Temples, Which May Radiate To Other Parts Of The Head. It Can Be Extremely Disabling, And Often Requires Medication To Control.

Types Of Midas Migraine?

There Are Many Types Of Midas Migraine, Each With Its Characteristic Symptoms. Some People Experience Auras Before The Headache Starts, While Others Experience The Headache Itself Without Any Preceding Warning Signs. Some People Experience An Intense Sensitivity To Light And Sound, While Others Have A More General Sensitivity To All Types Of Sensory Stimuli. In Some Cases, The Pain Can Be So Severe That Even Sleep Is Difficult To Find Relief From.
Midas Migraine Is A Serious Condition That Requires Prompt Treatment If It Is To Be Prevented From Becoming Chronic. It Is Important To Know The Different Types Of Midas Migraine To Make An Informed Decision About What Type Of Treatment Will Work Best For You.

Diagnosing Midas Migraine?

Midas Migraine Is A Rare Type Of Migraine That Is Caused By A Change In The Way The Eye Senses Light. This Can Cause Intense Pain And Disabling Headaches.
There Are Several Ways To Diagnose Midas Migraine, Including An Mri Or Ct Scan Of The Head. Treatment Usually Involves Changes To The Person’s Lifestyle, Such As Avoiding Bright Lights And Wearing Dark Sunglasses.

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