What Is Menopause Migraines?
Migraines Are A Very Common Condition, Afflicting Around One In Six Women During Their Lifetime. Menopause Is A Time When Many Women Experience A Significant Increase In Migraine Headaches, Though The Reason For This Increase Is Still Unknown. If You Are Experiencing Migraines And They Are Impacting Your Quality Of Life, It Might Be Worth Exploring Whether You Have Menopause Migraines.

What Are The Symptoms Of Menopause Migraines?

Menopause Is A Time When Women’s Hormones Start To Decline. This Can Cause Changes In Your Mood And Energy Levels, Which Can Lead To Migraines. The Most Common Symptoms Of Menopause Migraines Are Severe Headaches, Pain On One Side Of The Head, A Stiff Neck, And Sensitivity To Light And Sound.
If You Have Any Of These Symptoms, See Your Doctor. But If You Simply Feel Really Cranky Or Have Trouble Sleeping During The Days Leading Up To Your Migraines, There’s A Good Chance That You’re Experiencing Menopause Migraines.
There’s No One Cure For Menopause Migraines, But There Are Some Things You Can Do To Help Relieve The Pain. For Example, Take Ibuprofen Or Other Pain Relieving Medications Before Your Headache Begins. If That Doesn’t Work, Try Drinking Warm Liquids Or Eating Light Foods To Soothe Your Stomach. And If All Else Fails, Talk To Your Doctor About Possible Treatments For Menopause Migraines.

How Do You Treat Menopause Migraines?

There Is No One-Size-Fits-All Answer To This Question, As The Best Way To Treat Menopause Migraines Will Vary Depending On The Individual’s Symptoms And Underlying Medical Conditions. However, Some Tips That May Help Reduce Or Eliminate Migraines In Women During This Stage Of Life Include: Avoiding Triggers Such As Caffeine, Alcohol, Stress, And Bright Lights; Taking Medication Prescribed By A Doctor; Exercising Regularly; And Seeking Treatment From A Specialist If The Headaches Are Severe Or Disabling.

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