What Is Continuous Migraine?
Migraine Is A Debilitating Neurological Disorder That Affects Around One In Every Six Women And One In Every Ten Men. It’s Characterized By Recurring Headaches, Which Can Be Severe And Last For Hours At A Time. While Most People Experience Migraine Sporadically, About 1% Of The Population Suffers From Chronic Migraines, Which Are Defined As Migraines That Occur At Least Twice A Month For At Least Three Months.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Continuous Migraine?

The Symptoms Of A Continuous Migraine Are Often Different Than The Symptoms Of A Typical Migraine. Continuous Migraines Often Have More Severe Pain, More Intense Pain, And A Longer Duration Of Pain Than Typical Migraines. They May Also Have More Frequent Attacks And Be Harder To Treat.

How Is A Migraine Diagnosed?

A Migraine Is A Disorder That Affects The Brain And Spinal Cord. The Headaches Can Be Mild Or Severe, Recurring Daily Or Only Occasionally. The Cause Of Migraines Is Still Unknown, But They Are Thought To Be Caused By Problems In The Nerves That Connect The Brain And The Spine. Most Migraines Are Diagnosed Based On A Person’s Symptoms. To Diagnose A Migraine, Your Doctor Will Ask About Your Headaches, Their Severity, When They Happen, And What You’ve Been Doing To Relieve Them. He Or She May Also Perform An Mri Scan Or A Ct Scan Of Your Head To Look For Any Signs Of Structural Damage.

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