What Are Lupus Migraines?
Lupus Is A Chronic Inflammatory Disease That Affects The Skin, Joints, And Organs. It Can Be Quite Serious And Can Lead To A Wide Variety Of Complications. In This Article, We Will Provide You With A Brief Overview Of What Lupus Is, As Well As Its Most Common Symptoms And Treatments.

Types Of Lupus Migraine?

According To The National Library Of Medicine, There Are Three Types Of Lupus Migraines. The First Is A Classic Migraine, Which Is A Headache That Usually Lasts From Four Hours To 72 Hours. The Second Is A Prodrome Migraine, Which Is A Headache That Precedes The Classical Type By One To Four Days. The Third Is A Variant Migraine, Which Is A Different Headache Type For Each Person And Can Include Unilateral Or Bilateral Pain, Nausea And Vomiting, Sensitivity To Light And Sound, And Extreme Tiredness.

Causes Of Lupus Migraine?

Lupus Is An Autoimmune Disease In Which Your Body Attacks Its Tissues. This Can Cause Various Symptoms, One Of Which Is Migraine Headaches.
There Are A Few Things That Can Increase Your Risk Of Getting Migraines, Including:
• Having A Family History Of The Disease
• Experiencing Hormonal Changes (Including During Menstruation)
• Having A Previous Headache With Aura (A Warning Sign Before A Migraine Headache Onset)
• Having High Blood Pressure
• Being Obese
• Smoking Cigarettes
• Drinking Alcohol

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